• Making Approach Anxiety Your Bitch
  • How To Approach When You're "Not Feeling It"
  • Gaming The Environment 
  • Establishing Value Before The Open
  • Nightgame Vs. Daygame Approaches
  • The Flawless First 5 Seconds
  • Arouse Her Undivided Attention
  • The Smart Approach Vs. The Awkward Approach
  • The Power Of Silence During The Open 
  • Create Your Own Openers
  • Steal Todd's Openers
  • How To Never Say The Wrong Thing
  • The F.R.E.D. Model for On-Demand Hooking
  • Igniting Her Curiosity 
  • Being Relevant To Her World
  • Instant Investment Techniques
  • The "Ryan Gosling" Method
  • The Misunderstood Science of Attraction
  • Deciphering Her Attraction Blueprint
  • 3 Alpha Male Behaviors That Make Her Chase
  • How To Never Have A Platonic Interaction Again
  • Old School Outer Game Tactics
  • Advanced Sexual Tension For Dummies
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It's time to put an end to shitty approaches. 
For years, one of the strongest areas of my game has been opening and hooking the vast majority of the girls I approach .
In my new fully interactive LIVE course, I'm going to systematically install the skills and mindsets of instructor-level opening directly into your brain. 
So that you can approach with the full confidence of knowing exactly what to do in any situation.
No more crippling approach anxiety. No more confusion. No more running out of things to say.


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Las Vegas, NV 89134

No Questions Asked Money-Back Guarantee

Refund anytime up until 7 days after the program, even if you can't make it. 

What kind of seminar is this?

This is a fully interactive live seminar taught by Todd. It’s comprised of up-to date opening theory, infield video and hands-on interactive exercises and role-playing.

If I can’t make it to the program, can I get my money back?

Yep. You can get a refund anytime until 7 days after the program.

Will Todd teach this program himself?

Yes, Todd is personally doing the training for every city.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I ask Todd questions at the seminar?

Yes, you can ask Todd whatever is on your mind.

If I buy a ticket to one city, can I go to any of the tour cities?

Yes, feel free to come to as many tour dates as you want.